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Castles, Parks and Palaces from A to Z
Unless otherwise noted, the sights are located in Germany


Ajuda, Palácio Nacional da; Lisbon Region; Portugal
Albrechtsberg, Schloss; Saxony
Albrechtsburg, Schloss; Saxony
Alhambra de Granada; Andalucia; Spain
Aranjuez; Palacio Real de; Madrid; Spain
Arolsen, Residenzschloss; Hesse
Artstetten, Schloss; Lower Austria; Austria
Azurara, Palácio; Lisbon Region; Portugal


Bad Homburg, Schloss; Hesse
Bang Pa-In Palace; Central Thailand; Thailand
Barntrup, Schloss; North Rhine-Westphalia
Bellevue, Schloss; Berlin
Belvedere, Schloss; Weimar; Thuringia
Berleburg, Schloss; North Rhine-Westphalia
Berlepsch, Schloss; Hesse
Bevern, Schloss; Lower Saxony
Biebrich, Schloss; Lower Saxony
Blankenburg, Schloss; Saxony-Anhalt
Blankenburg, Kleines Schloss; Saxony-Anhalt
Blenheim, Palace; Oxfordshire; United Kingdom
Blumenau, Schloss; Lower Saxony
Bodenburg Schloss; Lower Saxony
Bronnbach, Kloster; Baden-Württemberg
Brüggen, Schloss; Lower Saxony
Bückeburg, Schloss; Lower Saxony
Burghausen, Burg zu; Bavaria


Capilla Real de Granada; Andalucia; Spain
Castell, Schloss; Bavaria
Charlottenburg, Schloss; Berlin
Corvey, Schloss; North Rhine-Westphalia


Darmstadt, Residenzschloss; Hesse
Derneburg, Schloss; Lower Saxony
Detmold, Residenzschloss; North Rhine-Westphalia
Diamond Museum Amsterdam; The Netherlands
Dömitz, Festung; Mecklenburg-Vorpommern


Eckberg, Schloss; Saxony
Emperor Maximilian, Cenotaph of; Innsbruck; Tyrol; Austria
Erbach, Schloss; Hesse
Escorial, Real Sitio de San Lorenzo de El; Madrid; Spain

Fasanenschlösschen; Moritzburg; Saxony
Friedrichshof, Schloss; Kronberg; Hesse
Fürstenau, Schloss; Hesse
Fuschl, Schloss; Salzburg (state); Austria


Gifhorn, Schloss; Lower Saxony
Ginsburg, Ruine; North Rhine-Westphalia
Glienicke, Schloss; Berlin
Gotisches Haus; Bad Homburg; Hesse
Grand Palace; Bangkok; Thailand


Haddenhausen, Schloss; North Rhine-Westphalia
Hagenburg, Schloss; Lower Saxony
Hämelschenburg, Schloss; Lower Saxony
Henneckenrode, Schloss; Lower Saxony
Herrenhausen, Berggarten; Hanover; Lower Saxony
Herrenhausen, Fürstenhaus; Hanover; Lower Saxony
Herrenhausen, Great Garden; Hanover, Lower Saxony
Herrenhausen, Schloss; Hanover Lower Saxony
Hohenzollern Crypt; Berlin
Holdenstedt, Schloss; Lower Saxony
Hügel, Villa; Essen; North Rhine-Westphalia


Kaiservilla (Bad Ischl); Upper Austria; Austria
Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church; Berlin
Katz, Burg; Rhineland-Palatinate
Kensington Palace; London; United Kingdom


Landestrost, Schloss; Lower Saxony
Leineschloss, Hanover; Lower Saxony
Liechtenstein, Burg; Lower Austria; Austria
Liechtenstein, Gartenpalais; Vienna; Austria
Liechtenstein, Schloss; Lower Austria; Austria
Liechtenstein, Sommerpalais; Vienna; Austria
Liechtenstein, Stadtpalais; Vienna; Austria
Lingnerschloss; Saxony
Löwenstein, Schloss; Miltenberg; Bavaria
Lustheim, Schloss; Bavaria 


Madrid, Palacio Real de; Madrid; Spain
Marienburg, Schloss; Lower Saxony
Marmorschlössl; Upper Austria; Austria
Mayerling, Schloss; Lower Austria; Austria
Mirabell, Schloss; Salzburg; Austria
Moritzburg, Schloss; Saxony
Mouros, Castelo dos; Lisbon Region; Portugal
Münchner Residenz; Bavaria


Nettlingen, Schloss; Lower Saxony
Nymphenburg, Schloss; Bavaria


Oberes Schloss; Siegen; North Rhine-Westphalia
Oelber, Schloss; Lower Saxony
Osnabrück, Schloss; Lower Saxony


Palais im Großen Garten; Dresden; Saxony
Pantheon of the House of Bragança; Lisbon Region; Portugal
Pena, Palácio Nacional da; Lisbon Region; Portugal
Prinz-Georg-Palais; Darmstadt; Hesse


Queluz, Palácio Nacional de; Lisbon Region; Portugal


Regaleira, Palácio da; Lisbon Region, Portugal
Regaleira, Quinta da; Lisbon Region; Portugal
Regenstein, Burg; Saxony-Anhalt
Remeringhausen, Rittergut; Lower Saxony
Rheden, Schloss; Lower Saxony
Rössing, Schloss; Lower Saxony
Rüdenhausen, Schloss; Bavaria


Salder, Schloss; Lower Saxony
Schieder, Schloss; North Rhine-Westphalia
Schleißheim, Altes Schloss; Bavaria
Schleißheim, Neues Schloss; Bavaria
Schönbrunn, Schloss; Vienna; Austria
Schönhausen, Schloss; Berlin
Schweriner Schloss; Mecklenburg-Vorpommern
Sevilla, Real Alcázar de; Andalucia; Spain
Sintra, Palácio Nacional de; Lisbon Region; Portugal
Söder, Schloss; Lower Saxony
Springe, Jagdschloss; Lower Saxony
Stadthagen, Schloss; Lower Saxony
St. Elizabeth, Russian Orthodox Church of; Wiesbaden; Hesse
St. Mary Magdalene, Russian Orthodox Church of; Darmstadt; Hesse
Stolberg, Schloss; Saxony-Anhalt


Wallace Collection (Hertford House); London; United Kingdom
Weesenstein, Schloss; Saxony
Weikersheim, Schloss; Baden-Württemberg
Weilburg, Schloss; Hesse
Weissenstein, Schloss; Bavaria
Welfenschloss; Hanover; Lower Saxony
Wernigerode, Schloss; Saxony-Anhalt
Wiesentheid, Schloss; Bavaria
Wilhelmshöhe, Schloss and Bergpark; Kassel; Hesse
Wilhelmshöhe, Schloss and Bergpark; Kassel; Hesse (Revisited)
Wittgenstein, Schloss; North Rhine Westphalia
Wohldenberg, Burg; Lower Saxony
Wolfenbüttel, Schloss; Lower Saxony
Wrisbergholzen, Schloss; Lower Saxony
Würzburger Residenz; Bavaria

Zwinger; Dresden; Saxony

Special Exhibitions

"One Coach and Two Kingdoms: Hanover and Great Britain 1814-1837"
"The Hanoverians on Britain's Throne 1714-1837" (Landesmuseum)
"The Hanoverians on Britain's Throne 1714-1837" (Herrenhausen)
"Ready for the Island: The House of Brunswick-Lüneburg on the Path to London"
"Path to the Crown"
"A Royal Welcome - Making Magnificence at Buckingham Palace" (Guest post)
"Fashion Rules Restyled" 
"Catherine, The Greatest - Self-Polished Diamond of the Hermitage"
"Royal Bags"
"Bomb-Proof! A Hideaway For Art - Weesenstein 1945"

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