Visited Places

Castles, Parks and Palaces from A to Z
Unless otherwise noted, the sights are located in Germany


Ajuda, Palácio Nacional da; Lisbon Region; Portugal
Alhambra de Granada; Andalucia; Spain
Aranjuez; Palacio Real de; Madrid; Spain
Arolsen, Residenzschloss; Hesse
Artstetten, Schloss; Lower Austria; Austria
Azurara, Palácio; Lisbon Region; Portugal


Bad Homburg, Schloss; Hesse
Barntrup, Schloss; North Rhine-Westphalia
Bellevue, Schloss; Berlin
Belvedere, Schloss; Weimar; Thuringia
Berleburg, Schloss; North Rhine-Westphalia
Berlepsch, Schloss; Hesse
Bevern, Schloss; Lower Saxony
Biebrich, Schloss; Lower Saxony
Blankenburg, Schloss; Saxony-Anhalt
Blankenburg, Kleines Schloss; Saxony-Anhalt
Blenheim, Palace; Oxfordshire; United Kingdom 
Bodenburg Schloss; Lower Saxony
Brüggen, Schloss; Lower Saxony
Bückeburg, Schloss; Lower Saxony
Burghausen, Burg zu; Bavaria


Charlottenburg, Schloss; Berlin
Corvey, Schloss; North Rhine-Westphalia


Darmstadt, Residenzschloss; Hesse
Derneburg, Schloss; Lower Saxony
Diamond Museum Amsterdam; The Netherlands 


Emperor Maximilian, Cenotaph of; Innsbruck; Tyrol; Austria
Erbach, Schloss; Hesse
Escorial, Real Sitio de San Lorenzo de El; Madrid; Spain

Friedrichshof, Schloss; Kronberg; Hesse
Fürstenau, Schloss; Hesse
Fuschl, Schloss; Salzburg (state); Austria


Gifhorn, Schloss; Lower Saxony
Ginsburg, Ruine; North Rhine-Westphalia
Glienicke, Schloss; Berlin
Gotisches Haus; Bad Homburg; Hesse


Hämelschenburg, Schloss; Lower Saxony
Henneckenrode, Schloss; Lower Saxony
Herrenhausen, Berggarten; Hanover; Lower Saxony
Herrenhausen, Fürstenhaus; Hanover; Lower Saxony
Herrenhausen, Great Garden; Hanover, Lower Saxony
Herrenhausen, Schloss; Hanover Lower Saxony
Hohenzollern Crypt; Berlin
Holdenstedt, Schloss; Lower Saxony
Hügel, Villa; Essen; North Rhine-Westphalia


Kaiservilla (Bad Ischl); Upper Austria; Austria
Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church; Berlin
Katz, Burg; Rhineland-Palatinate
Kensington Palace; London; United Kingdom


Leineschloss, Hanover; Lower Saxony
Liechtenstein, Burg; Lower Austria; Austria
Liechtenstein, Gartenpalais; Vienna; Austria
Liechtenstein, Schloss; Lower Austria; Austria
Liechtenstein, Sommerpalais; Vienna; Austria
Liechtenstein, Stadtpalais; Vienna; Austria
Löwenstein, Schloss; Miltenberg; Bavaria
Lustheim, Schloss; Bavaria 


Madrid, Palacio Real de; Madrid; Spain
Mayerling, Schloss; Lower Austria; Austria
Mirabell, Schloss; Salzburg; Austria
Mouros, Castelo dos; Lisbon Region; Portugal
Münchner Residenz; Bavaria


Nettlingen, Schloss; Lower Saxony
Nymphenburg, Schloss; Bavaria


Oberes Schloss; Siegen; North Rhine-Westphalia
Oelber, Schloss; Lower Saxony
Osnabrück, Schloss; Lower Saxony


Pantheon of the House of Bragança; Lisbon Region; Portugal
Pena, Palácio Nacional da; Lisbon Region; Portugal
Prinz-Georg-Palais; Darmstadt; Hesse


Queluz, Palácio Nacional de; Lisbon Region; Portugal


Regaleira, Palácio da; Lisbon Region, Portugal
Regaleira, Quinta da; Lisbon Region; Portugal
Regenstein, Burg; Saxony-Anhalt
Rheden, Schloss; Lower Saxony
Rüdenhausen, Schloss; Bavaria


Salder, Schloss; Lower Saxony
Schieder, Schloss; North Rhine-Westphalia
Schleißheim, Altes Schloss; Bavaria
Schleißheim, Neues Schloss; Bavaria
Schönbrunn, Schloss; Vienna; Austria
Schönhausen, Schloss; Berlin
Schweriner Schloss; Mecklenburg-Vorpommern
Sevilla, Real Alcázar de; Andalucia; Spain
Sintra, Palácio Nacional de; Lisbon Region; Portugal
Söder, Schloss; Lower Saxony
Springe, Jagdschloss; Lower Saxony
St. Elizabeth, Russian Orthodox Church of; Wiesbaden; Hesse
St. Mary Magdalene, Russian Orthodox Church of; Darmstadt; Hesse
Stolberg, Schloss; Saxony-Anhalt


Wallace Collection (Hertford House); London; United Kingdom
Weikersheim, Schloss; Baden-Württemberg
Weilburg, Schloss; Hesse
Weissenstein, Schloss; Bavaria
Welfenschloss; Hanover; Lower Saxony
Wernigerode, Schloss; Saxony-Anhalt
Wiesentheid, Schloss; Bavaria
Wilhelmshöhe, Schloss and Bergpark; Kassel; Hesse
Wilhelmshöhe, Schloss and Bergpark; Kassel; Hesse (Revisited)
Wittgenstein, Schloss; North Rhine Westphalia
Wohldenberg, Burg; Lower Saxony
Wolfenbüttel, Schloss; Lower Saxony
Wrisbergholzen, Schloss; Lower Saxony

Special Exhibitions

"One Coach and Two Kingdoms: Hanover and Great Britain 1814-1837"
"The Hanoverians on Britain's Throne 1714-1837" (Landesmuseum)
"The Hanoverians on Britain's Throne 1714-1837" (Herrenhausen)
"Ready for the Island: The House of Brunswick-Lüneburg on the Path to London"
"Path to the Crown"
"A Royal Welcome - Making Magnificence at Buckingham Palace" (Guest post)
"Fashion Rules Restyled" 
"Catherine, The Greatest - Self-Polished Diamond of the Hermitage"
"Royal Bags"


  1. I love how organised this page is! :) Doesn't it make you feel good about all the places you've visited and the exhibits you've seen?

    1. It does - when I first came up with it, I was actually very surprised how many places I had seen during the past 3 or so years. It really doesn't feel like it. I hope I'll be able to add a few more sights this year!

  2. Just wanted you to know, I too am a castelholic and have been for as long as I can remember. Just love big old building and their history and architecture. The older the better in most cases. Castles, palaces, churches, monastaries, I'm not picky, in fact I'll take them all! Love you page, some of these wonderful buildings I've never heard of, thank you for your time on each of these. You can tell you are passionate about them!

  3. Thank you so much for your kind words, Jean! It's always nice to meet like-minded people who share the same passions and take the time to comment!