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Admission is the first step to recovery, so here we go: Hi, my name is Svenja and I'm a Castleholic. Welcome to Confessions of a Castleholic dedicated to the beauty and splendour of the world's castles and palaces - thanks for stopping by! On here I chronicle my visits to these wonderful sights through pictures and history for all of you.

Why I love castle hunting so much? There is just something that grabs me about the fascinating architecture of castles, palaces, churches and the like. I love the combination of history, art and architecture that makes every castle special in its own way. So Confessions of a Castleholic is a result of all my days out mainly in Germany, my home country, but also all over Europe and the world discovering one royal sight at a time. A royal watcher since about ten years - you may know me as one of the writers and editors of Luxarazzi - and a history buff since well beyond that, I also share my opinion on various (royal-related) matters on this blog. Enjoy!

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