A Castleholic Running Out Of Castles…

What do you do when you have a blog about castles but no castles to write about? That’s a (very first world) dilemma this Castleholic is currently facing. The Residenzschloss in Dresden was the last of my castle adventures of 2018 to cover on this tiny space of the world wide web. So mind you, I haven’t yet run out of castles to visit yet and probably never will. Some estimates say that there are 15,000 to 25,000 castles in Germany alone. However apart from a handful of castles I visited prior the previous year and actually thought I would never write about because it has been such a long time, there is not much castle hunting to write about for me at this point. So what to do with Confessions of a Castleholic?

The obvious answer would be, of course: Visit more castles. Truth be told though, I have seen about every castle in the vicinity of where I live. Even those not open to the public. And January (and February) in Germany isn’t the best part of the year for castle hunting anyway. And rain, storm and grey don't make for the best pictures either. So my question is to you: What would you like to read about on Castleholic during the time being? Would you like to read more CastleTalks? What subjects would interest you most? Would you like to see flashbacks to royal events I attended before the introduction of Castleholic? Would you like to read more outside content by guest bloggers? About my travels beyond castles? Let your ideas run wild, I’m open to (almost) everything!

Every idea in the comment section or on social media is much appreciated!

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