Leiningen/Prussia Wedding in Amorbach: The Guests (Part 4)

Almost a week ago, Hereditary Prince Ferdinand of Leiningen and Princess Viktoria Luise of Prussia celebrated their religious wedding in Amorbach with yours truly in attendance as an onlooker. High time for my last post on the wedding guests. I'm sure there were many more royals and nobles in attendance without being recognised by my friends or me. 
 Duke Konstantin of Oldenburg.
 Duchess Esther of Oldenburg.
 From left (but not with certainty): Princess Johanna Reuss (?), Sophia Mautner-Markhof (?), Baroness Nina (née Countess of Zech) and Baron Otto-Magnus of Stackelberg, as well as Prince Heinrich XXIV Reuss.
 On the left: Prince Jean Friedrich of Lippe and half-hidden on the right Prince Rudolf of Lippe.
Princess Anastasia of Wertheim-Löwenstein-Rosenberg.
Count Christian-Henri of Stolberg-Stolberg.
On the left Gabriella and Hans Rainer Heubach, parents of Princess Isabelle of Leiningen, and on the right Carlotta Heubach, one of their other children.
On the right: Sylvia von Metzler (of the banking house) and her son Franz in the middle.
On the left: Tatjana von Maffei, who actually seems to have worn the same dress as Alessandra de Osma, fiancée of Prince Christian of Hanover.
Princess Olga of Löwenstein-Wertheim-Rosenberg.
Count Otto of Solms-Laubach.
Sophie von Wedel.

And last but certainly not least, the probably best known guests: Prince Amedeo of Belgium, Archduke of Austria-Este and his wife Archduchess Elisabetta, though I didn't actually see them. So thank you to Stefan of Royal Travel and Events to provide me with his picture to share it. Make sure to also check out his blog for more on this wedding!

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