Leiningen/Prussia Wedding in Amorbach: The Guests (Part 1)

On Saturday, Hereditary Prince Ferdinand of Leiningen and Princess Viktoria Luise of Prussia celebrated their religious wedding in the German city of Amorbach. As is the case when two royals get hitched, there were loads of royals and nobles in attendance. So without further ado, here's my first of - I'm sure - many, many posts of the wedding guests.
 Prince Christian and Prince Philipp of Prussia, twin sons of Prince Adalbert.
 On the left: Prince Christian-Ludwig of Prussia, son of Prince Christian-Sigismund.
 Countess Marie of Limburg-Stirum.
 Count Michael of Hochberg.
 Prince Andreas and Princess Louise of Hohenlohe-Langenburg.
From left to right: (Probably) Princess Olga of Hanover, Prince Otto of Hanover, Prince Heinrich of Hanover, Princess Thyra of Hanover, Countess Marie of Hochberg (née Princess of Hanover), Princess Theresa of Leiningen and Princess Cecilia of Leiningen.
 Another shot of the group.
 Prince Otto of Hanover and Princess Theresa of Leiningen.
 Prince Heinrich of Hanover.
 Baron Christian of Humboldt-Dachroeden.
 Prince Peter Lobkowicz (left) and Prince August of Sayn-Wittgenstein-Berleburg.
Duke Christian and Duchess Caroline of Oldenburg with their children Duchess Katharina and Duke Alexander.
 Another shot of Duchess Katharina and Duke Alexander of Oldenburg.
From left: Countess Alexandra and Count Konstantin of Schönborn; Princess Louise of Stolberg-Stolberg and her brother Hereditary Prince Christoph-Ludwig of Stolberg-Stolberg.
 Count Louis of Erbach-Fürstenau, whose father died about one and a half weeks ago.
 Countess Anna of Arco-Zinneberg (middle) and Princess Aglaë of Baden.
 Princess Marianne of Baden.
 Princess Sophie of Baden.
 Princess Irina of Prussia (right) with her parents.
 Prince Christian-Sigismund of Prussia and his wife Princess Nina.
 Prince Christian-Sigismund with his wife and daughter.
Hereditary Prince Alexander and Hereditary Princess Sarah of Isenburg.
 Margrave Max of Baden.
  Margravine Valerie of Baden. 
Another shot of the Margravine of Baden.
 Prince Karl-Friedrich of Hohenzollern.
 Princess Katharina and Prince Karl-Friedrich of Hohenzollern.
Princess Marie-Cécile of Prussia and Prince Dominik of Löwenstein-Wertheim-Rosenberg.
 Prince Maximilian of Sayn-Wittgenstein-Berleburg and wife Princess Franziska.
 Another shot of Princess Franziska and Prince Maximilian of Sayn-Wittgenstein-Berleburg.
 Prince Leopold of Baden and partner.
 On the right: Prince Berthold of Baden.
 Princess Eva Maria and Prince Adalbert of Prussia.
Prince Albrecht of Hohenzollern.

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