My Top 3 Castles of 3 Years of Castleholic + Giveaway!

How to properly celebrate the third anniversary of your blog (that actually accured three days ago)? I guess there are a bunch of very valid ways but I thought I would introduce you to three of my favourite castles of the past three years of Confessions of a Castleholic - and then we will have a giveaway all the way at the end, which includes not one but three books. (You see, the three is a recurring theme here...)

Having visited more than 80 castles, palaces, churches, exhibitions and anything related to royal and noble splendour in the past three years, it actually isn't that easy to come up with your favourites it turns out. Why? Beauty comes in so many different ways, lays in the eyes of the beholder and even fading beauties can be the most interesting of places. In the end, I came up with three places that pretty much sum up what I love in a castles. And they would make a handsome threesome to own: A town house, a magnificent palace and a fairytale getaway high up in the mountains.
The town house I wouldn't mind owning? Hertford House in the heart of London. The home of the Wallace Collection was never really on my radar - until a friend pointed it out and, gosh, did I fall for it! It's like a little eden for any splendour loving heart in the not-splendour-poor British capital. See and read more about it here.
Where I would host my magnificent balls and garden parties? The New Palace of Schleissheim near Munich. Prior to visiting, I had heard the name but I didn't really have an idea what the Schloss looked like - and I was blown away. With a staircase fit for any girl's Cinderella dream, the most gorgeous gallery, a magnificent ballroom, amazing ceilings and - oh, did I tell you about the gallery? Definetely my favourite room, check it out here.
Last but certainly not least? The Palácio Nacional da Pena near Lisbon - because don't we all just need a fairytale hideaway that looks like you are entering another world? What I loved most about it are its architectural features mixing European styles and Middle Eastern influences. More glimpses of it in its very own post.

And now onto our Giveaway! I will be giving away three Castleholic packages including books related to some of the places I visited during the past three years. It's nothing super fancy or anything, but little presents for three lucky followers. All books are in English. The giveaway starts today and ends next Sunday, March 5. Happy 3rd Blogiversary and good luck to all of you!

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