CastleDrama: Versailles

Versailles... The name of France's most famous chatêau alone is the epitome of lavishness, splendour and absolutist monarchy. But just how exactly did the palace come about? The French-Canadian TV series of the same name sets out to explore the story of "sun king" Louis XIV of France and his famous palace. And it's a surprisingly dark one with not quite the amount of light splendour you would probably expect, at least during the first season. Still, this didn't stop me from pretty much binge watching season one a few weeks ago.

Versailles, of course, wasn't just a magnificent palace, it was also Louis XIV's attempt at an absolute monarchy where he could control everything away from the dangers of Paris and plotting noblemen. If it’s meticulous authenticity or a character study you are after, then you may be in the wrong place but still "Versailles" makes for a great view. Naturally, "Versailles" got the violence and intrigue and - last but certainly not least - sex that seemingly all recent big budget TV adaptations of historical subjects have. While some of it could have been toned down to actually get to know the characters in more depth, it's still fun to watch.

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