My 5 Favourite Royal Things to See in Munich

One of my latest posts on My 5 Favourite Royal Things to See in Vienna was a pretty popular one. So let's do the same for Munich! I certainly am no expert on Munich but I have visited a few times over the years and managed to squeeze in quite a number of royal sights - and here are my five favourites.
It's no particularly big secret that I like things that sparkle and so a visit to the Schatzkammer (treasury) of Munich's Residenz is, in my humble opinion, a must for every royal watcher visiting the Bavarian capital. From crowns and tiaras to bejewelled pieces of furniture and religious artifacts - the Schatzkammer got it all.
And while you are there, also make sure to visit the Residenz itself. It's a separate museum than the treasury and includes a self-guided tour of 130 (!) rooms. Above is the Emperor's Hall, just one of the splendid rooms, the former residence of the Wittelsbach rulers has to offer. Attention though: Visiting both the Residenz itself and the Schatzkammer will take you about three quarters of the day, so if you are in Munich only for the weekend, you might need to prioritise. 
Schloss Nymphenburg
Also not to be missed: Schloss Nymphenburg. The former summer residence of the Wittelsbach is a architectural dream come true. A particular highlight is the Rococo-style Great Hall, pictured above. While I visited in February of this year and so didn't see an awful lot of the park, I remember strolling around the park for hours a good ten years ago when I visited this palace the first time.
The Ludwigskirche might not have the strongest of all royal connections on this list but hey, it had King Ludwig I of Bavaria as its patron and that will need to do. The church is actually a sentimental favourite of mine on this list. It offers some of the most stunning (and largest!) frescoes there are. I simply sat inside the church for a good 20 minutes or half an hour simply taking in all the details. The picture above actually only shows a fraction which makes it all the more bewildering that the Ludwigskirche isn't on more Top [[Whatever]] of Munich lists.
The last one was possibly the hardest. I thought about including places on the outskirts of Munich but then decided to go for one directly in the city centre to make all favourites easily accessible for everyone visiting the Bavarian capital for the first time. The Michaelskirche is the largest Renaissance church north of the Alps as well as burial place of severals Wittelsbachs. While the crypt is pretty small compared to the Kaisergruft in Vienna, the church's architecture is stunning and very worth a visit.

Have you discovered royal Munich yet?
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