CastleDrama: Aristocrats

(Programming note: This week's Castleholics Anonymous is coming a bit later than usual, stay tuned for that - and in the meantime...)

The one is an oldie but a goldie: Admittedly, I didn't watch "Aristocrats" all the way back in 1999 when it originally aired but it's one of my favourite period dramas. "Aristocrats" is a BBC mini-series based on the biography by Stella Tillyard of the five aristocratic Lennox sisters in 18th century England. Daughters of Charles Richmond, Duke of Richmond, they were great-granddaughters of King Charles II and his mistress Louise de Kérouaille, Duchess of Portsmouth.

The mini-series is almost six hours of glorious period drama. It's been a few years since I have seen it but I recently got talking about it with The (lovely) Lady & the Rose. I don't recall all the details but I enjoyed it so much that once I had finished, I watched it a second time. The story is narrated by an older version of Lady Emily, the second of the Lennox sisters, and really has the family at its core. It's a story of love and heartbreak, privilege, jealously and what happens to a woman in the 18th century once she has fallen from the society's grace.

I can't find a trailer of it but apparently some of the episodes are available on Youtube. I think I'm off to watch it once again...

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