"Castles & Co" Goes "Travel & Co": Heading to Vienna

But don't worry, there'll be plenty of castles, palaces and other royal sights in there! 

A week or two ago I tossed out an idea on Twitter, it got some Favorites and a number of positive replies so I thought I'd give it a go. Those following me on Twitter (or those I am fortunate enough to know personally) are all too aware that I'll be heading to Vienna this week for a vacation. And I thought that it'd take you with me - visually, at least. Here on Castles & Co I'll write a little travel diary of all the things I did, the places I saw and the areas I discovered. Very likely it won't be a lot of text but I will rather let pictures speak for themselves (as time and internet connection allow).

Do you have any travel tips for me? Places I should not miss? Leave me a comment below!

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