Special Exhibition: "The Hanoverians on Britain's Throne 1714-1837"

After "The Hanoverians on Britain's Throne 1714-1837" at the Lower Saxon State Museum and "One Coach and Two Kingdoms: Hanover and Great Britain 1814-1837" at the Historical Museum, I finally managed to catch the third of five of this year's Lower Saxony-based special exhibitions headlined "When the Royals Came From Hanover" about the Hanover-British personal union. The exhibition also entitled "The Hanoverians on Britain's Throne 1714-1837" is currently taking place at the museum of Schloss Herrenhausen.

While the eastern wing of the museum displays the rising of the Guelph family on the basis of a number of paintings and other exhibits, the subterranean part focuses on the Baroque times in general. The Collection of Wallmoden - highlight and apparently the actual special exhibition - is located in the third show room of the museum. In addition to a large number of statues, which are usually on permanent loan to

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