The Royal Limbo: Kate vs. Meghan, Round 2

Photo: Alexi Lubomirski / Kensington Palace
Confession of this Castleholic: I do not generally follow the British Royal Family. However, moving on Royal Twitter it is hard to miss their latest events, especially on a day like this week when there is a christening going on. Second confession: I actually thought that I had said everything that needed to be said when I wrote "Kate vs. Meghan: Feuding Princesses - A Tale As Old As Time". But guess what: I just need to get a few other things of my chest that have been seriously annoying me. 

Please, give me one good explanation why people constantly feel need to criticise the Duchess of Cambridge to prop up the Duchess of Sussex - and why do people have to put down the Duchess of Sussex in order to put the Duchess of Cambridge on a pedestal?! I'm begging you, I just need one! I understand that they aren't the first royal women who have been pitted against each other, but with everyone being able to vent their opinions at any time to dozens, hundreds or even thousands of followers, it has certainly reached the low point. Whatever happened to taking the high road? "If they go low, we go lower" seems to be the new motto in royal-Twitter-land (and sadly probably well beyond that).

A lot of people keep telling me that I should simply block other people on Twitter whose opinions I do not like. But I do not believe creating your own bubble where you just hear what you want to hear. I do not follow very many people if any at all who are taking part in these kind of discussions to begin with, so I probably read only a very small percentage of what is contributed to the new royal limbo game. However, every now and then I will go down the rabbit hole due to Twitter's insistence on showing me tons of tweets people I follow liked or because someone I do follow got sucked into the discussion.

To tell you the truth, I sometimes also have strong opinions about various royals but I usually either keep them to myself or just discuss them in private conversations with friends. Just remember that as long as you do not have your own key to unlock the doors to Kensington Palace or any other of their homes and catch up regularly with them over tea or coffee, you do not know any of the royals. So do not judge them - or any other person for that matter - as you have never walked a mile in their shoes. Whatever happened to decency? Whatever happened to not blurting out things you wouldn't say to  a person's face? Whatever happened to accepting other choices in life? 

It's perfectly fine if someone choses a different path in life than you did or think ideal. There is no one way to do things, there are many ways - non of them objectively better or worse than yours. Because it is what its is: A choice. Of course it is fine to express criticism but why does have to be in a way that puts the person down? A rather surprising news to some, neither Kate nor Meghan are the best thing to have happened to this world since sliced bread. They are simply to women from different backgrounds with different families who have taken different paths in life that ultimately led them to being married to brothers, who also happen to be princes. Both have their strong suits and their faults and flaws - they are human just like us. 

Their lives will also continue to be different as they are in very different positions. While one of them will probably one day become Queen Consort and forever live in the spotlight, the other one will over time fade into the background and a more "normal" life once her nephews and niece grow up to become working members of the Royal Family. It's normal that they make different choices both based on their positions as well as their characters. And that's perfectly fine, live and let live: Do not criticise someone because they smile to much or not enough, or because they cross or do not cross their legs.

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