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Admission is the first step to recovery, so here we go: Hi, my name is Svenja and I'm a Castleholic. Welcome to my blog dedicated to the beauty and splendour of the world's castles and palaces - thanks for stopping by! With this blog I aim to chronicle my visits to these wonderful sights through pictures and history for all of you. There is just something that grabs me about the old architecture of castles, palaces, churches and the like. So Castleholic is a result of all my days out mainly in Germany and but also all over Europe and the world discovering one royal sight at a time. A royal watcher since about ten years - you may know me as one of the writers and editors of Luxarazzi - and a history buff since well beyond that, I also like period dramas and to share my opionion on various (royal-related) matters on this blog. Enjoy!

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